OK, I Think I´ve Seen Enough

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1 Response to OK, I Think I´ve Seen Enough

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh, the blessing of finding a hidden door to new, appealing music whilst actually searching for something else 🙂 Originally, I was foraging for Doc L Junior’s „Sentimental Breakdown“ when I stumbled upon your „Echelon“ earlier this year (Uhm, yes, I’m always a decade too late… ;-). My curiosity was piqued and I went on browsing your trackography. Ordered the „High Above“ album which soon became the backbone of my personal Spring 2013 soundtrack – together with especially „Tre“ + „Negen“ as mental magic carpet rides and „Life of Hi“ + „Just Downright Deep Stuff“ for relaxation after hours of geocaching 🙂 Thanks for sharing your tracks on Soundcloud – I don’t know about your aims in terms of making music but in any case wish you best success for whatever you’re up to.
    Greetings from Germany,

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